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Pranav K.
#Graphic design

Maths Courses with Pranav K.

Hello Students I am Pranav kumar your maths mentor . For class 1 to 9 if you have doubt in maths , science and sst you can ask from me thankyou
Primary school Secondary school

aastha S.

Maths Courses with aastha S.

Primary school Secondary school

ayush S.
#Chemistry #Python

Maths Courses with ayush S.

Hi there! I'm Ayush, a passionate learner and educator currently pursuing my BTech degree in Mechanical engineering at IIT Ropar. As a first-year student, I'm excited to share my knowledge and help fellow students navigate the challenging world of engineering. With a strong foundation in subjects like physics, chemistry and maths , I'm here to prov...
Primary school Secondary school

Shailendra S.

Maths Courses with Shailendra S.

Primary school Secondary school

Anna B.

Maths Courses with Anna B.

Hi! My name is Anna and I am a Math Tutor with a 8-years experience (since 2014). All my students passed exams. I graduated from the School of Mathematics and Computer Science of Karazin University (Kharkiv, Ukraine) with a Bachelor Degree in Mathematics. Also I have Master Degree in "Business, trade and exchange activities". I can help you with m...

Adrien C.

Maths Courses with Adrien C.

I am an engineering student with an internship in Paris looking to give classes in english or in french.
Secondary school High school

Alice L.

Maths Courses with Alice L.

Student in first year of engineering school, I'm fluent in English (B2+/C1), I can give private lessons in maths or physics. Level : Middle school/High school. - Alice
Secondary school High school

Marine D.

Maths Courses with Marine D.

Hello, I am a medical student
Primary school Secondary school

prenom N.

Maths Courses with prenom N.

Doctor & Professor at the University of Paris, I offer support in mathematics and physics in the form of lectures, summary sheets and exercise sessions. My teaching approach is based on kindness and inclusion. I am flexible on the schedule and travel in Paris and its suburbs.
Secondary school High school Higher education

Jean-Baptiste R.

Maths Courses with Jean-Baptiste R.

After an engineering degree I am now a mathématics teacher ''agrégé''. I propose private lessons in mathématics at any level and physics lessons up to CPGE level.
Secondary school High school Higher education

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