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k P.
#C & C++

English Courses with k P.

Primary school Secondary school High school Higher education

shaista S.
#Political science #Sociology #Geography
Pradyumna B.
#Guitar #Python

English Courses with Pradyumna B.

Primary school Secondary school

anubhuti S.
#Chemistry #Biology #English

English Courses with anubhuti S.

Primary school Secondary school

Adrien C.

English Courses with Adrien C.

I am an engineering student with an internship in Paris looking to give classes in english or in french.
Primary school Secondary school High school Higher education

Alicia L.

English Courses with Alicia L.

☼ And lastly, a little bit more about me: 1) I have a Master's degree in teaching foreign languages (FLE), from the University of Poitiers, and I decided to teach as an independent teacher, in private lessons (or in small groups) in order to provide support adapted to the needs and pace of each learner, within a framework of trust and benevolence....
Primary school Secondary school High school Higher education

Axelle S.

English Courses with Axelle S.

Hello, I am the artist Axelle Sanuwah and I've been teaching graphic art since 10 years in Parisian workshops, universities and art schools as well as online for individuals. I also teach French and English for academic support. My official website is:
Primary school Secondary school High school Higher education

Jonathan Anukem P.

English Courses with Jonathan Anukem P.

I am a reliable and enthusiastic biligual teacher (French & English); with more than 10 years experience as a bilingual interpreter and translator, I teach students how to speak and write in French, developing a range of assessments including written and oral tests, and creating an overall positive learning experience. I am able to work with studen...
Primary school Secondary school

Conor D.

English Courses with Conor D.

I am a 28-year old English teacher originally from Dublin, Ireland. I have a background in visual arts and am interested in all things creative and cultural . Not too long ago I made the decision to pursue English teaching as a more serious career and obtained a Pass A CELTA in May 2021. Since then I have begun working on language immersion camp...
High school Higher education

Michelle S.

English Courses with Michelle S.

Hello. I'm Italian and I live in Paris. I have a bachelor's degree in translation and I am available to teach italian, spanish and french.
Primary school Secondary school High school

willy B.

English Courses with willy B.

Teacher since 1984 and online since 2009, I teach 4 languages, English, Hebrew, Italian, French FLE exclusively by videoconference.
Primary school Secondary school High school Higher education

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